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Albacore MSC Sustainability Certification:

MSC Qualifying U.S. Vessels 2022

MSC Designated Albacore Buyers  July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023

NOTE: Albacore Buyers wishing to sell MSC albacore can request an annual agreement by contacting WFOA, and also their facility being certified by MSC.

Bornstein Seafoods

Cal Marine Fish Company

Da Yang Seafoods

Pacific Seafood Brookings, LLC

Pacific Seafood Charleston, LLC

Pacific Seafood  Eureka, LLC

Pacific Seafood  Newport, LLC

Pacific Seafood Westport, LLC

Pacific Surimi – Newport, OR

Pacific Seafood  Warrenton, LLC

Safe Coast Seafoods – Ilwaco, WA

Starkist Samoa Company

Tri Marine Group

Westport Seafoods

WFOA Members: If you are a U.S. WFOA member in good standing, with all dues and other obligations up to date by June 30, you are automatically under the certification and buyers can verify your eligibility from the list posted above.

Non-WFOA Members: As this certification covers the entire U.S. troll and pole and line (baitboat) fishery, it is open to non-WFOA members though your buyers at no cost if the buyer is designated. The buyer needs to verify the vessel and request it be placed on the list by WFOA prior to unloading.

Labor Self Declaration: For those involved in MSC –  WFOA/AAFA just completed and MSC uploaded our Labor Self Declaration to the MSC website at:

AAFA WFOA labor statement 2019

AAFA Vessels: AAFA vessels are under the same MSC certification as WFOA but will maintain their listings separately.

Canadian Vessels: Canadian vessels are under a separate certification. Buyers also have certain requirements. There is a sign-up procedure with the Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation with contact information.

Buyers: WFOA will maintain and post on this page a list of designated MSC buyers in the MSC chain of custody (CoC). Qualified buyers on this list have agreed to pay a small fee on ALL albacore they buy. This fee will NOT be deducted from WFOA member proceeds. These funds will be for cost-recovery of funds spent on certification and for future surveillance audits and re-certification. Buyers not complying with terms of the agreement will be removed from the designated buyer list and MSC and “MSC CoC Certification Bodies” will be notified.

NOTE: Non-contracted albacore buyers using the WFOA/AAFA MSC certification in their sales or COC are in violation of the terms of the certification and will be reported to the certification bodies and MSC.

VESSEL QUALIFYING CRITERIA – Buyers need to verify:

MSC Contact for Questions:
Dan Averill, Fisheries Outreach Manager-Americas,
Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), 2110 N Pacific St., #102
Seattle WA 98103
Office: 206-631-2493
Mobile: 206-910-8900
Fax: 206-547-1107
Skype: dan.averill (Seattle)